Elizabeth House

Elizabeth House is a testament to the community’s generosity in caring for one another.  It is a sacred place with a home-like environment. A sanctuary, where patients whose pain and other symptoms cannot be managed at home, receive 24-hour a day care. Most importantly, their family’s love and laughter are welcome at any hour of the day or night.

The Elizabeth House was built in 1999 through donations from the community.  In 2007, it was expanded to 19 beds. Today, Elizabeth House continues to rely on volunteer and donor support.  Watch the brief video below to learn more about the comfort, dignity and peace provided at the Elizabeth House.

Veteran hospice patient, Gene Carman with daughter Carrie.

24-Hour Support for patients and their families.

At Elizabeth House, husbands, wives, children, and other caregivers, often overwhelmed and exhausted themselves, turn the physical care of their loved one over to people they trust and have the sacred time, space and support to simply be present with their loved one and say goodbye.


No One Dies Alone

Patients without families to help care for them are cared for by our staff and volunteers as if they were their own family. Your gift to the Elizabeth House helps ensure that hospice patients who do not have a spouse, children, or other caregiver are not alone.

Trusted Care

Over the last twenty years, thousands of people have closed their eyes for the last time at Elizabeth House. While many of them have lived long full lives, others have different circumstances.  We also provide care for infants, and their heart-broken families.  School age children, whose youthful visitors touch our hearts.

Most importantly, we serve all people who need care, regardless of their ability to pay. We can make this promise because the families and friends of those we serve give generously in memory of their loved ones.

Please support this worthy cause by clicking the link above.  You may also call (828) 513-2440 or email development@FourSeasonsCFL.org for more details.


  • A Day of Angel Fund Care
    • Your $750 gift provides a day of Angel Fund care at the Elizabeth House.  Make your gift even more meaningful by choosing the day in memory of your loved one’s birthday, remembrance day, other special occasion.

  • A Week of Angel Fund Care
    • Having a dignified death is important to our patients and their families. Your gift of $5,250 provides a week of care at the Elizabeth House, where additional physical, emotional and spiritual care can be provided.

  • Annual Room Sponsorship
    • If you are looking for a way to express gratitude for the care your loved one received at the Elizabeth House, we invite you to sponsor care in a room for a year.  Your generous gift of $10,000 helps sustain the Elizabeth House. In appreciation of your generosity, we will place a permanent memorial plaque on the Elizabeth House Wall of Remembrance.

      To learn more about sponsoring care in a room at the Elizabeth House for a year in memory of your loved one email Development@FourSeasonsCFL.org.