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Each day, we help hundreds of patients live their lives as fully as possible, given their circumstances.ย  When they take their final breaths, we provide dignity, comfort and peace, as well as support to their family and friends.ย  Every moment matters and we invite you to share your hospice, palliative care, or bereavement story here.

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Four Seasons staff have been

Four Seasons staff have been a blessing to me and those I support- especially Bo Phillips giving love and peace during difficult time for so many. I love working with Bo and his compassion is amazing and total.

Daunita Maennle

On Behalf of Muyon Yang’s

On Behalf of Muyon Yang’s Family,

We are so very grateful for each and every person we came in contact with from Four Seasons, you all are indeed sent by God. You all made a difficult time bearable. We were all amazed at what you were able and willing to do for us. The words
Thank You never seems sufficient, but from the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone of you for your time, your knowledge, your patience and your love! God Bless You All,

The Yang Family

Chung & Earl Cheatham

Anyone who experiences a loved

Anyone who experiences a loved one in hospice for any length of time knows the feeling of having your “head spin”. By that I’m referring to the thoughts of… what will happen, what should I do or be doing, what comes next AND…. once I know I have a task, how in the world do I go about accomplishing it. This is a time of uncertainty and that in itself, is unsettling. Friends and family try their best to help on most occasions but they often are as unknowing of the process as yourself. Between legalities, medical decisions, finances, and your own basic needs during that time, you can easily be overwhelmed.

If not for every angel….(and they ALL are!!) associated with Four Seasons……I shudder to think of the possibilities concerning my mental and emotional status during that time. My dad, quite unexpectedly, ended up in hospice a mere week and a half after I arrived (from Chicago) for an expected visit. My mom had passed in March of 2018 and that left just me and my dad….yep….only child.๐Ÿ˜Š

When I took him to the emergency room at Adventist Hospital, I knew he was in good hands but neither of us knew the extent of his medical issue. I decided to leave for Chicago and return to work as I was scheduled to do. My intent was to apportion more vacation time and return in about 6 days. A day after I left I was informed of the dire situation of my dad’s health. I was told that he could be put on a waiting list for a room at Elizabeth House. At the time, I was vaguely aware of EH and my head….already spinning….increased it’s revolving speed.๐Ÿ™„

He only waited about a day to be admitted after being on the waiting list. I talked to my employer and started back down to NC almost immediately. Even as I was driving down to NC, I was being contacted via phone by representatives of Four Seasons. They kept me informed as to my dad’s condition and everything else I needed to know…even those issues I wasn’t aware of initially. The feeling right from the beginning was one of complete warmth, understanding, and care. I felt like an entire group of people had put their arms around me. As much as my head was spinning, there was now a degree of comfort.

When I arrived to spend with my dad, what was to be his last 4 days, I once again felt all that I could have hoped for from everyone I encountered at Elizabeth House. The complete enveloping of me and all my anxiety and fears were palpable immediately.


As I write this, I’m struck by my inability to truly explain the support I received……support in all manner of the word. From the moment my unintended association with Four Seasons began…..through today, 2 months later, I have had support from them. After my father passed and I made my way home to Chicago, I received letters AND phone calls of continued support and helpful information of all kinds. My questions, angst-ridden concerns and all that I had trouble articulating during those 4 days, was met with not only answers but concern and caring.
My hope is that Four Seasons will always be there for all who are in situations that would be best served in a hospice environment. They rely on the generosity of others financially….in order to provide an even greater level of generosity in the form that is most helpful and comforting during the most daunting, dismaying and distressing of times.

Thank you to ALL of those who are or who have ever been associated with Four Seasons. May God Bless you ALL as he blessed me and my dad with your collective presence.

Most Sincerely, with Heartfelt Love…..
John Dzielski

John R. Dzielski

Gratitude from the Heart

When his doctor said it was time for my husband, Pierre, to consider hospice, we turned to Four Seasons. We knew we wanted the comfort of care in the home, the spiritual and emotional support of the bereavement team, and the option of going to the Elizabeth House. Our beloved husband and father having a comfortable, dignified death was important. We are grateful for Four Seasons compassionate care and I give annually to help make that care possible for others.

Nancy Bouvet, Hendersonville, NC