Lois’ Linens

Lois’ Linens is just one example of how the community benefits from the Circle of Love. After a hospital bed was delivered to the home of the Lois Vera Cruz, her husband and children realized that they did not have linens that would fit the twin size bed. Although not a convenient time for shopping, they were able to go out and make the purchase.

After Lois’ death in February 2017, the family chose to show appreciation for Lois’ great care by helping other families who might have the same need. From their gratitude and concerns for others, the Lois’ Linens endowment fund was born. The fund will provide twin size linens for in-home hospice patients and other items that fall under the category of “Special Needs.”

One family’s hospice experience is bringing blessings to many. Join us in helping others. Valen and Malinda Vera Cruz.

Hospice patient, Lois Vera Cruz, with husband Stanley.
  • Lois Vera Cruz Legacy
    • “The granddaughter of a circuit riding preacher from Kentucky, Mom was devoted to Christ and lived in service to others,” said son, Valen Vera Cruz. It was not a surprise then that Lois’ husband and children chose to honor her memory by helping others.

      Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, three years earlier, Lois entered Four Seasons hospice care in January 2017.  After a hospital bed was delivered to the Vera Cruz home, husband Stanley realized that they had no twin size sheets for it. A quick shopping trip by family members quickly resulted in brightly colored linens for Lois’ bed. And almost immediately daughter-in-law, Malinda sensed that many patients and caregivers may not have the time or resources to shop for linens during this part of their hospice journey and inspired by their experience, the family took action, making plans to help others in Lois’ memory.

      Together, Stanley, Valen and wife Malinda, daughters, Kathie Ludwig (Josef) and Shari Stepp (Bobby) established the Lois’ Linens endowment at Four Seasons.  This endowment will provide funds in perpetuity to purchase linens for in-home hospital beds.  They have also personally donated over 50 sets of sheets to be gifted as the fund continues to grow.  “Through Lois’ death, God has blessed us with this opportunity to love others,” said Malinda.

      “Our patients have been blessed by this ministry,” said Four Seasons staff member, Angela Martinez-Quintana. “In addition to patients who lack the financial resources to easily purchase sheets, we also have caregivers who no longer drive due to age or do not have someone to stay with their loved one while they go shopping.”

      Having lived and worked as a nurse in the community, since 1966, Lois’ life touched many people.  It was incredible, said Valen, “the church was overflowing with family, friends and those whom Lois’ life had touched and blessed so unselfishly over the years.”  Now many of those, along with the families who have been gifted linens through this special program, are finding joy in donating linens and in financially supporting the Lois’ Linens endowment fund.

Meeting Patient Needs

Your donation helps meet needs that lie outside the realm of medical care but are nevertheless  important to the patient’s comfort and peace of mind.

In addition to linens for in-hospital beds, this fund provides for other needs the patient may not be able to afford, such as a window air conditioner in a stifling apartment and clothing for a patient whose rapid weight loss means their clothes no longer fit. It may provide housecleaning services for a patient whose health condition has not allowed them to do the routine household chores.

An advisory group that includes front-line caregivers and social workers evaluates the needs to ensure that dollars are directed to the most appropriate needs. The purpose is to enrich the lives of patients and their families by relieving distress and hardship.