Circle of Love Memorial Gifts

Compassion, Gratitude, and Generosity

As a community-based nonprofit, the services we provide to patients and families – hospice care, palliative care, grief counseling, music therapy, and more – are made possible by gifts given in gratitude by people like you.

If someone you love has been served, there is no better way to express gratitude than by helping others receive that same tender care.

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Gratitude Heals the Heart

Gratitude makes us stronger because it helps us recognize how we’ve been supported by other people. In order to say thank you to the staff, volunteers, and donors who made your loved one’s tender care possible, we invite you to help make care possible for others.

Words of appreciation accompanying your gift will be shared with our staff.  Because gratitude has such a positive impact on well-being, we also suggest keeping a daily journal in which you record the blessings for which you are grateful.

Henry Johnson, with daughter Caroline and granddaughter Maya.

“Expressing gratitude for the hospice care my wife, Fair, received by helping others was a meaningful way for us to honor her memory.” Henry Johnson

Thank You for Making Care Possible.