Permanent Memorials & Endowment Gifts

Creating named endowment funds and making other legacy gifts memorialize your loved one in perpetuity and are an investment in the future of your community. With your help, Four Seasons can continue to expand capacity and innovate end-of-life care now and for decades to come.

  • 2018 Elizabeth House Campaign ($1,000,000)
    • The Elizabeth House has provided care to thousands of patients and family members since it opened in 1994. Continued patient and family care and hospitality to friends and visitors requires constant updating and repair. Patient beds, furniture, equipment and technology, as well as the community kitchen, dining room, and private consultation rooms for family members offer a comfortable environment and need to be kept refreshed and welcoming.

  • Electronic Medical Records and Technology ($250,000)
    • For patients and families to experience the best care possible, every aspect of their care and each encounter with our staff must be documented efficiently and timely. An investment in technology, updated Electronic Medical Records systems, and help desk support for our clinical teams allow them to have the most accurate and up-to-date patient information. This enables us to provide the best possible care experience for the hospice and palliative care patients we serve.

  • Specialized Care for Children ($100,000)
    • When families need hospice care for dying children, they need the opportunity to remain in their home community, near family, friends, and other siblings.  At Four Seasons they are cared for by a highly skilled interdisciplinary care team and supported by compassionate grief support services.  Four Seasons can meet this community need by investing in staff education, equipment, and technology that allow exceptional care to children and their unique medical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

  • Memorial Endowments ($25,000+)
    • Establishing an endowment is a relatively simple procedure. Named endowments at Four Seasons can be created with a donation of $25,000 or more.

      You can become a Foundation Founding Family through a one-time or multi-year gift of $100,000 or more.  Gifts to named endowments are invested into an account like a savings account. Income from the account is used annually to provide care in memory or in honor of the person for whom the fund is named.



Planning and Preparing for the Future

Legacy donors ensure high quality hospice care will continue for many generations to come through endowments, bequests, naming opportunities and other legacy gifts. These special gifts provide an opportunity for donors to permanently memorialize loved ones, philanthropically impact their community and demonstrate their commitment to serving others.


Sustaining Care in a Growing Community

In order to meet the demand for care in the aging populations of Henderson, Buncombe, and the other nine counties in Western North Carolina served by Four Seasons, we must innovate and prepare for growth.  In addition to the capital to invest in current year operations, high-quality care provided by Four Seasons will be ensured for the future by the growth of our endowment.

Endowment Gifts

Named gift endowments provide a lasting legacy and help provide end-of-life care for future generations . Setting aside present funds for future services is an important strategy and can be a hallmark of financial sustainability. In this way, endowment donors help Four Seasons prepare for the long-term and build assets for future sustainability.

How Endowments Work

Gifts to named endowments are invested into an account like a savings account.  Income from the account is used to provide care in perpetuity, forever, in memory or in honor of the person for whom the account is named.

Establishing an endowment is a relatively simple procedure. Marcus Aurelius established the first recorded endowment for the major schools of philosophy in Athens circa 176 AD.

Named endowments at Four Seasons can be created with a donation of $25,000 or more.  Each year, 4% of the earnings are used to for the purpose identified by the endowment donor.

Naming Opportunities and Restricted Endowments

“Endowed staff positions” are paid with the revenue of an endowment and allow other resources to be used for patient and family needs. These endowed positions often attract greater talent, are considered prestigious, and are usually reserved for senior staff positions such as the Chief Medical Officer.

Endowments can also be established for specific disciplines, departments, or hospice and palliative care programs.

Named endowments can be created with one time or multi-year gifts of $25,000 or more.

Active Endowments

Here are examples of endowments currently providing resources for end of life care in our community:

Don and Kay Brems Endowment Fund

Kay Brems, after faithfully supporting hospice for decades, has created the Don and Kay Brems Endowment in memory of her husband Don, to help provide care for those who cannot pay. In order to help ensure care is provided for future generations and to create a permanent legacy in Don’s memory by investing in the community he loved, Kay has now created the Don and Kay Brems Endowment Fund at the Four Seasons Foundation in support of the Elizabeth House. Income from the endowment will provide annual support to the Elizabeth House in perpetuity. Kay plans to increase it through future gifts, including through her estate plans.

Seiler Family Fund

In her obituary, the community would read, “Barbara Breedlove Seiler, 72, of Saluda, NC left this planet on March 28, 2014. Barbara, daughter of Iverson and Sara Breedlove of Texas and loving wife of Robert Lewis Seiler, passed away at home facing the beauty of the woods and mountains of NC….” What the readers may not have known was that many of them, by supporting Four Seasons, had made it possible for Barbara to die as she wished, gracefully and peacefully at home, looking out into the woods that she loved so dearly. Her husband Robert thanks and is indebted to the community for supporting the loving attention of Four Seasons, whose staff, “made it possible for both of us to go this last distance together feeling safe.” To honor Barbara and to leave a legacy of gratitude in her memory, Robert established the Seiler Family Fund.

As part of the Four Seasons Foundation Founding Family Endowment, the income from the Seiler Family Fund allows Four Seasons to continue to help care for others for generations to come. Robert’s only request is “that others who have been or will be served by Four Seasons also support this work as we go forward into the future.”

Endowments enhance Four Seasons care by:

  • Creating an ongoing source of income.
  • Enhancing stability and prestige.
  • Relieving pressure on annual fund resources.
  • Funding program expansion and increasing capacity.
  • Providing independence and flexibility.
  • Enhancing future financial security.
  • Inspiring others to give.
  • Encouraging outright gifts.

How endowment contributions benefit the Donor:

  • Perpetuates the donor’s values and priorities.
  • Creates a sense of immortality.
  • Makes significant and lasting investment in the future.
  • Endows annual gifts.
  • Allows incremental funding.
  • Permits additions at a later time.

Thank You for Making Care Possible.